PELICULA: La Gran Promesa en Español - DRAMA


Movie Name: The Great Promise

Original Title: Grand Promise

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Sergio, a Mexican photographer, takes a great war photograph and is therefore late for the birth of his daughter where his fiancée dies. His wife's ex-husband takes her daughter away from him with a legal trick and Sergio chooses to steal her. He ends up giving her to her best friends so as not to give her a life as a fugitive. He won't see her again for 23 years. This is the story of that reunion.

Starring: Alejandra Ambrosi | Alenka Rios | Alexander Holtman | Elma Jukovic | Gaston Yanes | Hector Kotsifakis | Ignatius Guadalupe | Ilithya Chamomile | Juan Manuel Bernal | Sofia Espinosa

Direction: Jorge Ramirez Suarez

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